Weirdest Year Ever

Arrow Writer 4/22/2020

So physically, the school year is over. And kids are left to do work at home. Zoom is the new office. People across the states are attending school and work virtually. Covid-19 has cancelled a lot of things in the past month like Spring Break or the second half of college.

But because of COVID-19 a lot of good has come out of this you could say. People finally got a change to relax. And take a step back from the business we're used to. There isn’t any more running around all day for work or with kids. People got to breathe and relax. Although, now I’m sure people are tired of being at home all day. It was needed, being able to spend time with the people who you love. No not like Christmas when you get to hug and talk and laugh but you can call them and catch up on things.

This year isn’t even halfway over and it’s started off extremely Weird.

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