Jukayvia Wilson

Lately there have been a lot of good things going on here at BHS. Covid has knocked everyone off their pivot but that didn’t stop this teacher. One of our teachers, Scott Ferrell has applied for a teacher research program in Finland. The program is called The Fulbright DA.

The Fulbright DA program is an opportunity for teachers from the United states to conduct educational research around the world. The teachers select different colleges or universities to choose around the world. They will partner with them to build a global understanding about education and its different practices. Mr. Ferrell said if selected, he’ll be researching how student choice and voice within the classroom affects student growth in their agency.

In order to apply to the program he had to submit a research proposal with a bibliography, personal and background information, two letters of recommendation from his supervisors, Ms. Blankenship and Ms. Sneed, and a letter of purpose as to why he wants to go. ”One of the reasons I applied is I want to be able to bring the best international practices to our teachers in order to better grow our students. I want to show that the teachers and students of Blytheville are trying to better our teacher programs and practices.”

Good Luck Mr.Ferrell!

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