The Red Streak/ Flash

By Rania Hall

The Flash first episode was aired October 7, 2014 by Geoff Johns. The executive producers are Greg Berlanti, Todd Helbing, and a few others. This show is about a 28 year old named Barry Allen who was struck by lightning that now saves his city as the Flash.

This show is fascinating. When Barry Allen was 11 years old he saw his mother killed in a weird way and the police accused his father of murdering her after he saw the whole thing. Barry was adopted by a family friend, Joe West, to stay with him and his daughter, Iris West. There was this particle accelerator explosion that created a storm and struck Barry with lightning that caused him to get these powers, known as speed force, that made his run faster.. Barry Allen has come up against multiple villains who tried to defeat him but never succeeded.

I recommend this show to people who love superheroes and action. This show is very delightful because you're seeing this man risk his life to save a city of people who didn’t always appreciate his help and wanted him arrested. Also the fact that he always finds a way for others to not die no matter what.

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