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How Band Students at BHS Feel About Band Competition

Natalie Hohn October 15th , 2019 Lauren Hohn, a 17-year-old senior at Blytheville High School (BHS) discussed her thoughts about how band students in the Chickasaw Marching Band feel about the band competitions. When asked about how band competitions affect the band, Hohn responded with, “Competitions affect the band by giving us the chance to build on our communication, bonding, and teaching skills. Having competitions help with our communication skills for when we are on the field learning sets we have to guide to one another and help one another with reading our dot sheets.” She also said, “I am a captain in the band. I help the newer students learn how to march and I help try to improve the original students in the band. It has helped me with my teaching skills because now I know not everyone will learn the same way or as easily as others, so I have to find new ways to explain what I’m trying to teach them.” Hohn also believes that learning new things can actually help broaden their ways of learning, experiences, perspectives.

Hohn also reflected on the improvements. “Well, during the summer we go to a college for a week we call this band retreat. While at band retreat we learn our sets and get to know each other through activities. We call these activities team building and one activity we do is try to build a tower of balloons with tape and balloons but we can’t talk during this. We also have practice two times a week after school.”

Band students at Blytheville High School believe that everything that is done in band is for the best. They find the band important and worth the time no matter all the craziness from all the trips, students, and everything to learn. They all believe that they are all just one big family.

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