Thanksgiving and Those in Need

By Annie Thomas

November is a month that’s supposed to be filled with love, happiness, and excitement. You’re just getting over Halloween, next up is Thanksgiving, then Christmas is right after. You get to reunite with family that you haven’t seen, make memories with your loved ones, eat lots of good food, and you get a break from school.

Unfortunately, not all families are lucky enough to spend their holidays the same as others. Families have issues with money where they aren’t able to go out and buy a bunch of stuff for Thanksgiving dinner. A lot of families are busy and might not have all the same day off or time and isn’t able to spend the holiday with their family.

During the holidays, keep the less fortunate in your prayers. If you see someone in need, surprise them with something they might need, refer them to a church that helps out during the holidays, let them know you’re thinking of them, invite them over for dinner, etc. Try to get them in the holiday spirit the best they can be.

Below are organizations you can help support and give back to others with.

The Salvation Army Blytheville: 870-776-1054, Provide food, gifts, holiday meals, provide work/school uniforms, offers financial assistance with electric and gas bill.

Gosnell Baptist Church: Provides food assistance and groceries to families on a limited income.

Grace Life Church: Offer discounted/low-priced food to the ones in need.

First United Church: Free food pantry contains groceries and holiday meals.

Mississippi County Arkansas Economic Opportunity Commission, Inc.: Helps with utility bills, provides commodity/groceries/emergency free food, helps find jobs, HEAP, and will install free energy conserving improvements to people's homes.

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