Sexy Kneecaps

By Amia Conner

Since 5th grade I've been told by teachers and faculty that the things I wore could be a distraction. Having shoulders out were unprofessional, and a distraction. Even wearing a skirt above my knees was distracting for some reason. My naïve mind didn't understand why I had to adjust my life to be less distracting to my male classmates.

What's truly crazy is if you were to ask a group of women when the first time they knew they were being looked at sexually, the answers you would get would leave you speechless and heart broken. According to one in nine young girls are at risk of being sexually assaulted before turning 18. One in six women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. Yet people say things like “maybe you should've covered up”, or “you asked for it.”

Society makes young girls conform so their male counterparts can focus. But some girls can wear a trash bag and someone will still have something to say about the fit of it, what it does and doesn't cover.

Many girls have a story or stories, of a time they've been sent out of class because what they wore was against an outdated dress code. Skirts that are sold in stores like H&M, Rue21, Forever21, and even Fashion Nova don't go all the way down to your knees. And most likely never will.

At this point in life I chose to stop conforming and wear what I feel most comfortable in and what gives me confidence that matter who is distracted or what the next person has to say. I refuse to judge another female about what she wears to embrace her body and what makes them the most confident and comfortable. Just because she wears something risky doesn't mean she wants your opinion or your thoughts. Mind your business and wear what you want.

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