Rebuilding BHS?

by: By Treasure Weaver

Blytheville High School is getting very old and needs a makeover. Our school is outdated, the ceilings have water damage, and bathrooms look really dull. Having water-damaged ceilings can lead to discoloration, deforming, molding, and weakening which can result in major structural damage. There are so many things wrong with our bathrooms. The walls are badly damaged! We don’t have mirrors in some bathrooms and the lights were very dim. There are also holes in some of the stalls and the flooring could be changed. I feel like we need mirrors to keep ourselves looking nice and brighter lights so we can have a better view of ourselves and the bathroom. Another thing, it feels like an invasion of privacy to have holes on our stalls. If we can build a new gym then why can’t we improve our school.

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