Players Eliminated

Thursday, Oct 7, 2021 by Rania Hall

Squid Game (오징어게임) was released September 21, 2021 on Netflix and was directed by Hwang Dong-hynk. The original language for this show is Korean. This show is about rounding up people who need cash or who are in debt to play six children's games for six days to see who will survive and win the money.

This show is very interesting. The game started off with 456 people, after the first game 255 people died. The second game 79 players died which left 179 players. There was a fight the night before the third game so some died. The third game 40 players were left which means 139 players were eliminated. Fourth round 16 people were left so 24 people were eliminated. The fifth game 13 people were eliminated which left three and one was killed before the last game so that left two and the last standing player, Seong Gi-hun, killed the other man.

My overall opinion of this series is that it was very entertaining because of the creative kill scenes. Also, the fact that someone let people that didn’t have money get a chance to earn it by playing kid games is interesting. I recommend this show.

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