I’ll Write a Headline Later...

Jakyra Smith

Here at Blytheville High School we have been working hard to adjust to the difficult changes this year. Due to this pandemic, it isn’t guaranteed when we will miss a class or two which means that students may be slacking a little with work. Procrastination has been a downfall for this semester, which means change needs to occur now. We all have the potential to be successful so it’s only right that we show nothing but that. We are bright students and are under the best staff that anyone could possibly have. We just have to stay focused and put procrastination to an end. Procrastination can play a huge role in failure and that’s not a good thing. We, the ARROW, are here to motivate each and everyone of you to put your school work first. School is very important and we are the future. It’s time for us to mature and start taking the things that mean the most to us seriously.

There are many ways to beat procrastination so that work can be completed. Some ways are to create a to-do list, promise yourself a reward, have someone to keep up with your accomplishments, and etc. There are a thousand other ways as well.

Students of Blytheville High, remember that you all are bright and outstanding individuals that can do anything that you put your mind to. It’s time to focus and take school seriously now. It is almost time to jump into the real world for the seniors or increase a grade level for the underclassmen. It's a must we beat Covid and everything that comes with it! Less Procrastination, More Work!

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