How to Stay Safe and Have Fun During Covid-19

Jukayvia Wilson

Covid-19 has set back all your summer plans and late holiday trips. I’m pretty sure quarantine has everyone feeling a little crazy as well being confined to one spot. The CDC guidelines have restricted you from doing the things you love like traveling or planning a night out with friends. Covid-19 may have ruined your plans, but you could still have much fun. Movie night camped out in the living room, scavenger hunt outside, baking your favorite cookies and video chatting with your friends. These are some things that you could do during quarantine and still have fun.

My family chose to do a virtual dance party, and it was so much fun. We moved our furniture around to create more room for a “dance floor”. We all joined a zoom link, and my uncle played the music from his speakers and we all could hear from our screens. If you don’t like dancing, you could try yoga. Mid-day yoga helps relieve a lot of tension and stress from the body. There was a link to a free virtual yoga class and instead of going out to buy a mat, me and my cousins used pillows in the den. Don’t think since you are stuck inside that there is nothing you can do because there is. Group call your friends for a virtual game night. There are plenty of multiplayer apps like Uno, Mario kart, Among Us, etc. Doing things that you enjoy can keep you from thinking about the problems that are going on around you.

Sitting at home with nothing to do all day can be a little depressing, but only if you make it. Enjoy being outside for once, being cooped up in the house isn’t good for you. Take a walk through the park and enjoy some fresh air. Covid-19 doesn’t stop you from enjoying life, it only gives you a little restriction. Below are some links that can help you figure out what you plan to do.


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