Homecoming for Seniors Was A Total Disaster

By: Fadasha Bolden October 17,2019

Normally, Homecoming should be a time to remember. This homecoming students were so unorganized and boring that they barely participated, especially the upperclassmen. We are seniors and we hardly participated. The junior students had the least points out of the whole school and we weren’t to far ahead of them. There is no way the sophomores should have been in the lead the whole time. There were teachers who even tried to help our classes, but the students had low participation.

As seniors we should have participated more. Instead some of them acted too bougie to even dress up. Mrs.McChristian, the lead student council sponsor, sent out a list of spirit points to the students and the sophomores ended homecoming week with 130 points, when seniors only had 35. Us seniors should be able to come together and get things done without all the stubbornness, and bouginess. If all of us equally participated then our points could have been better. Homecoming for us should have been a great time to remember, but it was the exact opposite.

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