Fashion Around The School

By: Rayonna Jackson, October 31,2019

Alesia Gibson shows off her school spirit/swag for breast cancer awareness month. You guys should try showing off your school swag for breast cancer awareness month. She is beautiful in her pink.

Mrs. Hill teaches Human Relations, Housing, Child Development and FACS. She is showing her fashion off in the hallways while keeping a smile on her face. Her outfit was very cute and she always was matching. TAKE NOTES LADIES.

Jalissa Jones is in the hallways in our school colors maroon and white showing off her fashion with the shoes to match the hoodie. LOVE IT!!!!

Rushawn Taylor is a writer in Journalism. He is showing off his winter swag with his fluffy hat and coat and GUCCI shoes. TAKE NOTES GUYS! He is all ready for winter.

This is Dangelo Jones is showing off his swag in the halls. His hoodie is matching his shoes.

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