Enjoying My Time Off

Arrow Writer 3/17/2020

During this week long break I will be spending most of my days doing class work. I’m going to miss seeing my teachers and my friends. They help me a lot. Some of this work I don't understand; it’s too confusing. To me I don't understand why they took us out of school. We are not going to stay in the house. Another thing I don't understand is why they took us out of school if we can still get the coronavirus at home. It's basically everywhere. The coronavirus is spreading around the world very fast. Also, did they really come up with the cure or is it some more rumors that people are spreading? Well, during the break my grandma put me on house arrest. I'm not allowed to leave the house unless she needs something done or she needs a few items. I can only go out of the house if she needs something but I hope she changes her mind about next week cause we were really supposed to be out next week, for Spring Break anyways.

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