Dear Winnie,

by: Tamara Crawford

Dear Winnie,


Dear Writer,

I am a senior in high school right now and I am dealing with the same problem. I had a very serious talk with my amazing counselor and his advice to me was don't completely give up on college just yet. Still fill out applications just in case you have a last minute change of heart. As it gets closer to graduation day, if you absolutely feel like college is just out of the question, try and start on your career. Be very careful when doing that though. Please don't just get a job because of the money because in the end you'll be miserable. Always do something you'll like. Make sure before you start your official career that every morning when you wake up you look forward to doing your best and being the best worker you can be.Make sure you go talk to your school's counselor to help you make further decisions. I hope you figure everything out. Hope you come back to tell us what you decide to do,we'd love to know. Good Luck!!!!!!!!

Sincerely Winnie,

~A Confused High School Student Too

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