By Rushawn Taylor

Dear Winnie,

I have been having trouble finding friends at this new school. I NEED HELP!

A lot of people have the same issue you have and it is completely normal. I went through the same exact thing coming to Blytheville High School New Tech as a freshman. You almost feel the desire to be accepted by the upperclassmen when you are a freshman just because they give you such a hard time. My advice to you in your case would be yourself at all times. Someone in the school will notice it and will want you around them if you show yourself friendly and you’ll attract someone you want to be around if you be yourself.Showing yourself friendly could be starting a conversation with someone you don’t know and allowing them to get to know you. If you’re scared to just walk up to someone and start a random conversation you could ask a question about some things you need help with in your new school. That’s what forced me to become a people person and make a mass load of friends in school.

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