Day 3 - Working During Corona

Arrow Writer 4/16/20

It's been another regular day again. There hasn’t been anything to do except do work and go to sleep. Only other thing that was different was that I had to go to work. So, I got up and went to take a shower. I put on my uniform (vest) and was on my way to work. As I pulled in to Walmart’s parking lot I noticed too many things had changed. At the door there was a group of Walmart employees just standing there by a gate. The gate had been made to make two lines for customers to enter through both doors effectively. I went up to my supervisor to ask what was going on.

As I went up to my supervisor I also saw everyone wearing masks and gloves. He also handed me masks and gloves before I even asked my question. I asked him what was going on and what's changed recently. He replied and told me that there were new rules in place and that we now have a customer limit. However, he failed to explain how we now close at 8:30 due to the corona virus.

As I walked in to the store to clock in I went to the service desks first to check if there were any different types of masks. Before I could make it to the desk this big family of like 6 wanted me to help them find something. Of course, I knew where it was so I told them to follow me and I would show them. When I pointed them in the direction of the aisle, I kid you not, each of them started coughing and none of them were wearing masks. Me knowing that everything they just did was uncalled for, I was about to cuss every single one of them out. Then again I like getting paid so I just looked at them like they were stupid and just walked away.

Other than that the day went by smoothly and I just went back home, ate some food and went back to sleep.

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