Day 3

Arrow Writer 4/8/20

Because of the quarantine in this town, Blytheville High School has made a lot of changes. Blytheville High School has closed and is quarantined due to the virus, COVID-19, or the Coronavirus. Stores have closed, restaurants have closed. Some stores are opened but there are certain amounts of people that can go in at a time, and more like some restaurants are opened but then not opened --only the drive - thrus are open.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced that schools in Arkansas will be closed for in - person instruction throughout the end and the rest of this school year. I believe that this has an affect on how students are going to learn and even graduate. The students are supposed to do AMI packet days 1 - 10 that are intended to be assignments throughout April, are to be factored in the semester grades, but only whenever the AMI score can improve a student’s final semester grade. If the AMI work grades do not improve the second semester grade, then the AMI work grading will not be used.

Throughout these days I have been thinking about my future life, what all could happen, and more such as what can happen between the choices that I am making right now. I have also started drawing again because some people ask me to and want something from me. I also have started painting again. I painted the Enchanted Curse Rose from Beauty and the Beast, or whatever they call that rose. I got the idea from that movie because Blytheville High School actually did a musical over that movie last year. I actually kind of did it for another reason also, because I feel bad that the musical / the Theatre teacher Mr. Ferrell this year for the Blytheville High School did not get to do the / go on with the musical because of this whole Coronavirus ( COVID - 19 ) stuff / breakout.

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