Arrow Writer 3/19/20

It's Day 2 and It's still boring. There is nothing to do but play this boring game and watch TV. I think the government is overreacting, the governor needs to let the seniors finish their last semester. We worked too hard for this. Class of 2020 is always getting the bad end of the stick. This is so heartbreaking. They are stopping everything we had planned.

I'm starting to think that we aren't going to graduate as the other classes did. All we are going to be able to do is just pick up our diploma all the way in July. I WANT TO WALK and show my parents that I finally did it. I waited too long for this stuff to start happening. I don't do anything at home but sleep, and stay on my phone every day. I even lost my job so now it's even more boring.

Sometimes I even stay in the shower and dance, and sing, or talk to myself. That's the only fun thing there is to do down here. I haven't been doing anything ever since this whole quarantine started. I know we aren't supposed to gather around anybody but I'm still going to do what I have been doing because I still want to live my life.

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