Arrow Writer 3/17/2020

A lot of things have been going on for a while and I'm not liking it at all. I have been with my family 24-7 and it’s very boring. I think this whole “Coronavirus” is a lie but then again I'm scared. Being at home is so boring to me. You can't even go anywhere it's like we all are just stuck in one place and it's very uncomfortable for me.

I really miss being at school with my friends and my teachers, I miss laughing and making jokes about the teachers and the school lunch. I've really been through a lot this past week and so I'm not really doing good. I haven't really been talking to anyone because I am very heartbroken. Losing both of my aunties was very hard for me. I can't eat or sleep, I just can't stop thinking about them. This pain just won't go away.

Enough about that subject, I just can't wait until we get back to school. This corona needs to go away, it's scaring people and I can't even cough or sneeze in public without getting stared at. It's not even that serious. To me everybody should have been trying to stay clean. Anyways I can't wait until this is all over. I really miss you guys, see you all soon!

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