Arrow Writer 4/16/2020

Times like this makes you want to take nothing for granted for all of the things that's been going on. I think after all of this is over I will be a different person because I have been viewing things differently than before. My family has come together and have gotten closer.

Just the other day my cousins and I all stayed at my auntie’s house and while we were there I decided to clean up for her. My aunt is 60 something and every time she moves around she gets out of breath. So, I texted her and told her I’ll buy cleaning supplies, come over and clean up for her. I got up early and I started disinfecting everything just to make sure she didn't get sick. She was very appreciative and she loved the fact that someone wanted to do something for her.

My mother and sisters have been staying up all night just talking and playing. My mama has learned how to re-twist my dreads since I can’t go to the shop and get a re-twist, which is saving money anyways. We have made some treats that we never made before. We are just coming closer together day by day.

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