Bored in the House

Arrow Writer 4/10/2020

As you all know, all Arkansas school's school year has come to an end due to this COVID-19. The governor, Asa Hutchinson, has requested that you stay in the house unless you absolutely have to leave. This is to stop the spread of this deadly virus. Most seniors are disappointed that their April prom has been canceled and their graduation postponed. With this virus going around, the governor has requested that you keep a 6-foot distance between people just in case they have the virus. This is hard for my classmates. We have been “linking” together more than ever. This is only because there is nothing to do while sitting inside the house in quarantine. There just aren't enough movies to watch or things to do. So we choose to gather up and not social distance. Tik Tok has been a trending app before school was out but since we're bored in the house, it has been going up more than ever.

I would appreciate it if this virus would just up and leave because it is getting in the way of everything. Everything, including my summer plans. I saw on the news that this should last until about July. I saw another article saying September. I will never know the truth through social media. I saw where it was said that this virus was man made and the creator was captured. I had already suspected something fishy with what's going on. The things people put on Facebook keep my mind wondering. I think I want to just go to China myself and see what actually happens. That would be a nice and interesting trip. I will continue to hope this will end soon and the aftermath is nothing but good things.

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