BMS Target Club Spreads Awareness and Cheer

Jelisa McNeary

It's the season of giving and some student organizations are giving back to the community by spreading awareness. One of those organizations is Blytheville Middle School's Target Club. Target Club is a drug free awareness and prevention group aimed towards stopping underage drink and drug usage. They partnered with a few members of Blytheville High School’s Target Club to spread prevention during the holiday break. Over the past week, with the help of their sponsor Sharon Nash, they´ve made ¨I choose not to use¨ holiday treat bags. They passed those out after and during school to students, staff and parents! The bag consisted of good holiday candies, informative pamphlets, wrist bands, holiday cards, and really cool fidget toys. Over the break the Target Club encourages students all over to make wise decisions, and be drug free. Happy Holidays and remember, “DRINKS? DRUGS? NAH!”

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