Blytheville’s Flooding Problem

Quintin Clay, Published October 31,2019

Local resident Nykeria Jackson reported to The Arrow that on October 26th,2019 her home located on the corner of Mayfair and Hollywood had flooded to the point where the garage of the house had flooded, then proceeded to the door where it had already flooded the front yard. This lead to an unknown person having to drive through their yard which caused tremendous amounts of damage to the front yard of Mrs. Nykeria Jackson’s home. Later that night the flooding had subsided, but she claims that her front yard was still basically submerged in water.

Idealistically and realistically speaking Blytheville as a whole should come up with new ways to stop the flooding down here, such as more installations of storm drains and more openings of the sewer drains. This should at least keep some, if not most of the water from flooding the streets and homes. It almost seems as if there is precipitation for 10 minutes the town turns into swampland. This dilemma causes loss of homes and valuable things to not only the people of the city but also to the city as well. This is a problem that needs to be handled.

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