Another Year of Beautiful Lights

By Chelsea Moore l December 12th, 2019

Ben Rutherford, BHS agriculture CTE teacher, is also one of the helpers at the Lights of the Delta. The Lights of the Delta is a yearly event that brings joy and happiness to the community. A couple of things that Rutherford likes about the lights are the awesome things like Santa and the kids that enjoy the lights, also that it's a great way to celebrate the holidays.Whether they are in cars or on hayrides or even in the twinkle walk, his last favorite thing is stopping by to see Santa. He loves Santa. The Lights of the Delta is also a memorable place that was created in 1995 on Main Street. The whole street was covered in lights.

Another person I interviewed was Santa. Do you think Santa gets nervous when a child asks for something that Santa can't give them or make it happen? Yes he does! The goal for the whole thing is to make the experience as enjoyable for the kids and family as much as possible.

If you are feeling lonely and need some joy come to the Lights of the Delta for pretty lights. They add new lights every year.

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