Jukayvia Wilson

This new school year has been very shaky for teachers and students. Now that the semester is nearly over, the panic has slightly decreased. COVID-19 has caused everyone to get adjusted to this new routine of wearing masks, temperature checks, and social distancing from other students. While things feel like they are starting to come together, this has not been easy and there are still many unknowns and concerns. And while this is greatly affecting our teachers and students, this also has been a huge adjustment for the BHS principals. “Being a principal in a pandemic has definitely been an experience… the pandemic has changed quite a few thoughts toward education.” said Jennifer Blankenship. This being her second year as principal, Ms. Blankenship had to become more active in providing a safe environment for staff and students. She says that this year has been very challenging but everyone has to understand the importance of being safe during this pandemic.

After asking Assistant Principal Donald Davis what he is worried about in the upcoming semester, he said “I'm still concerned about keeping our students socially distanced throughout the day, but never give up. When there are roadblocks, find a different way around them or find a way to move them.” He’s proud of how the students are still trying to get their education through this hard time. He also feels proud of the teachers for working hard at balancing teaching the students at school and the virtual students. Even when our teachers are at home sick or quarantined they are still working virtually getting instruction to our students.

The sanitation and safety of our well-being will help us feel more prepared for anything that comes. The janitorial staff, Ms. Blankenship, Mr. Davis, and Coach Fisher are always getting the classrooms prepared to be sanitized daily before the students return to school. They're also making sure that there are sanitation stations around the school building.

Ms. Blankenship says, “For the upcoming semester, I encourage everyone to continue to wear your masks, wash your hands, and watch your distance when around other people. I also encourage everyone to just continue to give their all in teaching and learning.” Students and teachers during winter break make sure to still follow the CDC safety guidelines.

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